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Wakka Wakka Wakka!

I don’t know if you aware, but today is a very special day. Yes it’s Thanksgiving Eve, but that’s not what makes it special. No, today is the opening for The Muppets! Those who know me know that I have spent a large portion of my life dreaming of being a Muppeteer. I even perfected my Kermit the Frog impression after Jim Henson died in hopes that someone would hear it and maybe I could play the part of Kermit. I also do Mrs. Piggie, Animal, and the Swedish Chef.

Yesterday, Jason Segel was on Bob and Tom talking about the movie. He told a story about how during his press junket to promote the movie, he was on a Mexican talk show with Kermit. During the interview, he noticed the talk show host was beginning to tear up and his lip was quivering. He eventually just started crying and Jason and Kermit gave the guy a hug. This is the power the Muppets have. Jason said this on B&T, and I think it is so true. “The Muppets were the creators of modern comedy. They set the stage for Monty Python and Saturday Night Live.” But even further down the road, if it weren’t for the Muppets, we wouldn’t have The Simpsons or Family Guy. The Muppets showed it was funny to take something that belonged in the world of children, like cartoons or puppets, and put it in adult world situations and teach the same lessons Henson was teaching to kids in Sesame Street to adults still trying to figure life out. It really isn’t that easy being green, but if a frog from the swamp can take a bear, a pig, a dog, a whatever, and a band lead by a guy missing a bunch of teeth and put a show on Broadway or solve a diamond caper or sing songs with music legends or perform skits with stars of the silver screen, then anyone can. They are truly cultural icons, and no matter the outcome of this new movie, I for one am glad they are back.


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We started putting away Christmas on Sunday and finally got it all put away last night. Now that we’re a week into February, we thought it was probably time.

But before you start thinking that we are major slackers or just lazy (which might not be too far from the truth), you should know that we deliberately left the tree up through the entire month of January. Ryan justified it by saying that since we were gone for 10 days in December (for our adventure in Africa), we didn’t get as much time to enjoy the tree. I actually never intended to take down the tree until after January. That’s the one good thing about being an adult—being able to make decisions like that for yourself. Remember when you were a kid and would always be so sad when your parents started taking down Christmas? Well, that’s how I was anyway. January is such a dreary month. It’s gray on most days, snowy and freezing and gloomy too. Leaving the cheer of Christmas lights and decorations up throughout the month really helps me fight my self-diagnosed seasonal depression!

I think LuLu needed a little more time with Christmas. She doesn’t look too happy about putting it away here. I’m actually not sure if she is guarding the décor or ready to help me put it away.

On another note, Ryan and I finally started watching Lost last week. Ryan had never seen any of the episodes, and I only saw a few when it first started. I bought him seasons 1-3 for Christmas back in 2008, but we just didn’t have any time to watch it in 2009 with all our wedding planning. So now that the series is about to end, we’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. Do you think we can get caught up on seasons 1-5 before the series finale?

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