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We have decided that the first Friday of every month will be First Friday. These will be stories of our firsts! First date, first concert, first random break dancing stories. You get the idea. So what better first would there be to start us off than our First Date!

Ryan and I actually were officially dating before we ever officially went on a date. We hung out a lot at our respective houses or with a group of friends, but had not been anywhere special with just the two of us. Most of our weekends were packed with social events, so it was hard to fit in time for just the two of us. One night in late March, we decided that it was about time to officially go on a date. We had to pick a week night since all of our weekends were full, and we didn’t have time to do much, so we decided to just go out for dinner. I let Ryan pick the place, and he chose J. Alexander’s.

A couple of my hometown friends ended up having a baby that day, so I went to visit them with my friend and bridesmaid Livi right after work. (Baby Peyton was such a cutie and is now a big sister to 1 ½ other girls! Time flies!) Ryan picked me up from the hospital, and we went over to the J. Alexander’s on West End. We had a great time at dinner (J. Alexander’s is always a good choice), and I even met one of Ryan’s high school friends who was working there at the time. It was getting pretty late, and we both had to work the next day, so we started to wrap up the evening when I realized—I didn’t have my purse! And my car keys were in my purse, so I couldn’t go anywhere!

Let me take a moment to point out that if you read our Love Story, you will notice some irony here. One of the first times Ryan and I ever hung out, I left my car keys in his car and had to stop by his house later to pick them up. Now, on our first official date, I left my car keys in someone else’s car. It seemed like a common theme in those early days of our relationship.

Livi lives in Nashville, and my car was at her house. So under normal circumstances, Ryan could have just dropped me off at her place, and I could have gotten my purse and car keys and car all at the same place. Unfortunately, Livi was house sitting for her cousin in Fairview that night, so my car keys were in her car in Fairview (which was like a 40 minute drive from Livi’s house). So Ryan had to drive me all the way out to Fairview to get my car keys and then all the way back to Livi’s place in Nashville to get my car. We actually hung out with Livi for a bit before heading back, so it ended up being a much later night than either of us expected. But we had a great time and got some great one-on-one time on the ride out to Fairview and back. In fact, most people complain because dinner and a movie doesn’t seem like the best way to get to know someone (during dinner you have food in your mouth and you don’t talk during a movie). So having dinner and a road trip on our first date was perfect. Besides, I love road trips!


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Bonne fin de semaine de l’Amour! That’s a bunch of de’s. 🙂 That’s right, this weekend was Valentine’s Day Weekend, and it was a pretty big deal for Savannah and me. This Valentine’s Day marked our First Married Valentine’s Day! So we wanted to make it very special!!

We started our celebration on Saturday morning. Savannah made a gift basket that had details for a Day in Paris. Here’s the gift basket with the card she got me and the little book she made me:

The basket included plans for breakfast, a homemade dinner and a movie. We started our morning by having a French breakfast at Provence.  It was a delicious meal. We even had french hot chocolate (chocolat chaud), which was nice because it was so cold Saturday morning. They were out of the bread we wanted for our French dinner, so we then drove to another Provence location for our French bread.

After our morning activities, we took an intermission from French Day to have Valentine’s Day Tea at Savannah Tea Company with my mom and the Sweets. (We were excited to see Penelopi to give her the Valentine’s gift we got her!) Those that regularly read the blog know that Savannah Tea Company made our wedding cake. They are also a tea house that has great food and a schmorgisborg of different flavored teas. They are like the Baskin-Robbins of teas!

After our delicious 5-course meal and tea, it was back to our day in Paris. Savannah and I stopped at Corrieri’s Formaggeria to pick up some ingredients for our French dinner. Growing up, my parents always had nice cheeses with crackers as appetizers before big dinners. It was nice to actually go get the nice cheese for myself for once. Being my first time, I didn’t really know what to get, but the guy at Corrieri’s was awesome! He was a big help, and the cheeses he suggested were delicious! If you like cheese, I highly recommend making a stop. Corrieri’s is right behind Vinea Wine & Spirits, and they were actually having a $5 wine, cheese and chocolate tasting while we were getting our cheeses. [Fun fact: Corrieri’s is owned by the same people as Mafiaoza’s, which is the place that catered our wedding.]

After a trip to the grocery store, we headed back toward Bellevue and started making dinner. On the menu, french baggette and fine cheeses for appetizer, and the main course was Croque Monsieur (this is basically fancy grilled ham and cheese) and bisque de tomates (tomato bisque). It was DELICIOUS! I don’t  mean to toot our horn, but Savannah and I are excellent chefs!

And what’s dinner without some entertainment? As part of Savannah’s gift basket, she got a DVD Romantic Comedy movie pack, that included the classic “French Kiss” starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Savannah couldn’t believe that I had never seen it. I wasn’t a big fan, but truth be told, I am not a big Meg Ryan fan. Also, we have been watching Lost recently, so I think a romantic comedy wasn’t holding my attention enough. That aside, Kevin Kline was good in it, and the plot was cute, but most importantly it was absolutely lovely to get the chance to spend Valentine’s Day Eve with the most beautiful woman in the world! 🙂

So what about Sunday, Valentine’s Day proper? Well, we didn’t make any big plans for the day besides dinner reservations. We spent the afternoon finishing the first season of “Lost” and then drove out to White Bluff to give the nephews their Valentine’s presents. We ended up missing our dinner reservations, so we decided to have our Valentine’s Day dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (romantic right?). 🙂 Savannah has been craving buffalo sauce, and we have both been wanting to give it a whirl. So we figured, why not? (It was really good, and we had a great time. We were definitely not disappointed with our choice.)

Well that was the story of our First Married Valentine’s Day. It was filled with time spent with each other, and time spent with family that we love. To those we didn’t get to see, we love you all too. We will have to give you an extra big hug next time we see you.

Love you all!

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Hello Gang! Just thought I would give you all an update on our weekend. Saturday night we went to Ru San’s with some of our friends that Savannah went to college with. Savannah and I had not been to Ru San’s in FOREVER! I had forgotten how delicious their sushi is. I think we stopped going because the techno music they play, while enjoyable and creates an authentic chic Japanese Sushi Bar experience, was so loud. You can barely hear yourself enjoying their delicious sushi. Well I am happy to report, they have decreased the volume, at least between the hours of 6:30pm and 8:00pm (which is when we were there). And the sushi is still awesome! (Side note though: although Ru San’s is good, the best sushi in Nashville is Peter’s Thai and Sushi in Brentwood).

After sushi, the group went to one of Savannah and my favorite bands EVER, SafetySuit. They put on one of the best live shows. They have so much fun and such a great respect and love for their fans. They went to number 1 on VH-1’s Top 20 Countdown and still willingly agreed to come back to 12th and Porter for $10 a ticket. If you get a sec, you should check them out. You will not regret the decision. Despite the cold, we managed to show some smiles and excitement!

Sunday Savannah and I went to church at Woodmont Hills and then went to lunch with our friend Heather. We went to Chili’s on West End. I always enjoyed Chili’s but they have this new going on that is FANTASTIC! For $6.29 you get chips and salsa, a bowl of soup and a house salad. Oh wait! Did I mention they are all BOTTOMLESS! That’s right. Chili’s All-You-Can-Eat for $6.29. And if you get the Citrus-Balsamic Vinaigrette, you basically have the Quesadilla Explosion Salad, sans quesadillas and grilled chicken (which if this is more your speed, then this is their best salad and the only salad I have known Savannah to crave. She really doesn’t like salads, so this speaks volumes for her to crave it). So that’s our money saving tip for the week!

After lunch we headed back home where I proceeded to crash due to a sinus headache, which pretty much consumed my evening. I even missed the Super Bowl because I could barely move to get something to drink, let alone get out of the house. We don’t have cable and although we have a digital TV, our antenna doesn’t get CBS, so going out would have been the only choice to see the Super Bowl. I wasn’t too disappointed since my team, The Steelers, didn’t even make the playoffs. Although I am sad I missed the commercials. Thank goodness for YouTube and Hulu, right?!

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week! Get geared up for Valentine’s Day! You still have time to get a date!

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