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Savannah mentioned in the previous post, our wedding was about showcasing our personality. Part of that personality involves taking pictures and videos of everything. And not just of everything, but duplicates of everything. When Savannah and I were first dating, I had a bunch of photos developed from the first 6 months of our relationship. There are 1500 of them. And that’s just the good ones. I went through and picked out the unfocused ones, or the ones from what Savannah claims is her bad side, or the ones where I have a booger and a nose hair hanging out. We love images of the past.


 Because we are such visual people, our wedding had to be visually appealing. We pulled that off beautifully with the wedding. With so many details and personal touches, it made everything so us. October 3rd is gone, but definitely not forgotten. Savannah and I hired two of the most amazing visual moment capturers Nashville (if not the world) has to offer. Jonathon Campbell Photography and 2Duce2 Videography captured every rubber stamped embellishment, every red shoe, every smiling face that was at the wedding and presented it in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of. Savannah and I are so excited to see their end products. We can’t wait!


To put you guys in as much anticipation as we are in, you should check out the blog to see our wedding teaser video from 2Duce2 and the three blogs from Jonathon Campbell Photography with preview pictures of all the wedding festivities (Blog 1, Blog2, Blog 3). Big thanks to Eugene and Heather Brown, Jonathon and Sharon Campbell, and Michelle Hartz from Hartz Photographic for capturing some beautiful memories.


More to come…


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