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Most Forgotten Point

I know I am not perfect. I know sometimes I pretend to be, but I am working on humility. I also think I know what part makes me not perfect. And I think it’s something that a lot of people struggle with.

Sometimes I forget that people love me. Not that the people that love me do a bad job of showing me they love me, because they don’t. But because I get so frustrated or angry or upset that my brain clouds my judgement, and I don’t ever think that maybe the person who I am angry with isn’t saying things to hurt me. They are saying things because they love me.

Sadly though, this cloudiness can lead to people saying some extremely mean and hurtful things. I know some of the things I am most sorry for in life were because I said something when I was in this type of situation.

I think it’s important to remember that people are not evil…some are, but most aren’t. And the ones that make us craziest are probably the ones that love us the most. Maybe we should cut them some slack.


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Happy Feet 2During my morning commute, I enjoy listening to the Bob and Tom Show. During commercial breaks, however, I like to stay abreast of world issues, so I switch the dial over to NPR (I know. I’m so well-rounded.) So this morning I get into my car, Bob and Tom go to commercial break, so I switch over to NPR. They had their movie critic giving his review of the newly released Happy Feet 2. Could someone please tell me why on Earth a high-culture, intellectual station like NPR would be critiquing a movie about a young penguin that doesn’t know how to express himself?! I mean this guy was tearing into this light-hearted family comedy like it was something submitted to the Cannes Film Festival.

But it got me thinking, what with all of the news and media focused on celebrities and Hollywood and movies, and grumpy dudes laying a verbal smack down on a kid’s movie, we seem to be living in a world that is so critical and judgmental of everything. And if our entertainment is focused on the judgment of complete strangers, how are we treating the people that we know?

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Lucky in Love

I mentioned it a couple blogs ago, but Ryan and I just celebrated the first anniversary of this special day:

Under the Big Tree

Our anniversary was wonderful! We both took the week off work, and we made a last minute trip to the mountains. It was great to get away for a while! Our cabin had an amazing view (I’m such a nature girl), and we were able to take LuLu with us. We had originally wanted to go on a trip up north for our anniversary, but with my back and hip problems, a long drive or plane ride just isn’t a good idea.

For our actual anniversary (Sunday, October 3), we went to the Pineapple Room at Cheekwood and had lunch. We visited Two Rivers and took pictures under the tree where we got married, and we had dinner at J. Alexander’s (where we had our first date). We also watched our wedding video (see the teaser here) and ate our leftover wedding cake (yuck!) and opened presents. It was great!

We spent the day before our anniversary cleaning up around the house. I spent well over 8 hours cleaning out the craft room. It’s pretty much been a mess since the wedding (so for at least a year). Ryan was great and pitched in to help and moved all the heavy boxes around for me. While cleaning out the craft room, we found over a hundred dollars!! We found two Target gift cards that equaled $83, a $10 iTunes gift card, a $10 P.F. Chang’s gift card and $13 cash. It was hard to believe we had misplaced so many unused gift cards! I guess it’s a testament to how crazy wedding planning can be! (Although I’m pretty sure some of those cards were from 2008, before we got into wedding planning mode.) It was a pretty lucky day during our anniversary celebration week.

Then when we went to dinner at J. Alexander’s, where we had another lucky streak. We were happily enjoying our appetizer and conversation for about 20 minutes when the manager comes over and apologizes for the wait and says that she is going to take care of our meal. We were kind of confused since we didn’t even realize we had been waiting for very long. But sure enough, at the end of the meal, our server told us that the manager took care of our meal and we didn’t have anything to pay. Free anniversary meal! How lucky are we?!

Speaking of lucky, a couple weeks before our anniversary trip, this arrived in the mail for me:

Do you remember this post when I dreamed about owning it one day? My dear husband was able to buy a package that included the poster when Ray LaMontagne’s new album came out! Now I officially own the poster from the concert we went to on the night of our engagement day. And it depicts the cutest little tangent bike (that’s a two-seater if you didn’t know), perfectly printed in our wedding colors. It’s just a little thing, but it makes me very happy.

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Ready for Fall!

For those of you wondering, Ryan and I are alive and well! We decided (whether consciously or not, I’m not sure) to take a temporary hiatus from the blogging world over the summer. I have been focused on healing (which has been a very slow process) and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life (something very hard for such an indecisive person), while Ryan has been busy with his play and a couple weeks away on audits and training for his first 5k, among other things.

Although I’ve been trying to get plenty of rest, we have definitely been staying busy. Right now we are in the process of redecorating our living room, planning our Halloween costumes, and figuring out what we are going to do for our one-year anniversary (which is only a couple weeks away!). Fall seems like it is going to be a very good season for us. Last winter was one of the coldest (and iciest/snowiest), spring was one of the wettest (the Nashville flood made sure of that), and summer was one of the hottest. What an extreme first year of marriage we’ve had! (Especially when you add my back surgery to all of that!) Fall will definitely be a welcome break.

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Marketing/Life lesson class. Today’s Lesson: Where’s the Love?

Daily we are bombarded by advertisements, slogans, branding and messages telling us who a company is and what they stand for. But day in and day out, I hear my friends/family/Savannah/me complain about something a specific company has done. And ultimately it’s something that they claim to not do! For instance, so many companies push that people are important. Customers are #1. But are you really following through with that belief? And if so, are you following through with it with your workforce as well? I mean, aren’t they people too? You want your customers to love you? Well do your employees love you? If your employees don’t love you, do you really think they are going to make your customers love you?

I know we are living in a tough economy right now, but like John Lennon said, “All you need is love.” If you spent a little more time and energy loving your employees, I bet they would love you back and show some love to your customers. And those customers would spend more money with you, or tell other people how great you are. So then the little extra effort you spent loving your employees would lead to great rewards.

The really sad thing is that this lesson isn’t new. God has been telling us to love each other as ourselves for thousands of years. Maybe someday we’ll learn… Have you loved someone today?

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Greetings all! It’s been a while since our last update. As you can read from Part 1 and Part 2 of our last blog entry. Savannah had back surgery, and I have had play practice. Well we are finally starting to get our lives back into the swing of things, and the play I am in, “Father of the Bride,” opens this Friday, June 4th! If you would like tickets visit Pull-Tight Theater’s website.

So the play is all about the Banks family making preparations for the daughter’s marriage (her name is Kay) to Buckley Dunstan, a young business man who “makes something or other.” I haven’t done theater in eight years, and it seemed only appropriate to get back into acting by being in a play about a wedding the first year I am married. The play is quite funny and has some very warm moments. And there are definitely some parts that bring up memories from Savannah and my wedding.

When I was thinking about it this morning, the cast includes a cavalcade of characters separate from the family that, despite Stanley Banks’s initial reaction (who as my father would say is wound up tighter than a tick in heat), are there to help. From Miss Bellamy, Mr. Banks’s secretary, to the furniture movers who move every piece of Mr. Banks’s furniture, including his favorite chair, these people are here to make Kay’s wedding a day to remember.

Looking back at our wedding, this is a universal truth about weddings. Weddings are definitely about two people being in love, but it’s also about people coming together and making a normal day into the most special day in two people’s lives. It’s about sharing the love between those two people with all the people that they love.

But why wait for a wedding. I wanted to take this Wedding Wednesday blog to thank all of my loved ones for not only supporting Savannah and I during the wedding, but during Savannah’s first surgery, and my first play in a decade, and LuLu’s bad vet appointment, and checking on us during the flood, etc. Savannah and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. We love you all!

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After meeting with Dr. Cook to discuss the surgery, Ryan and I had to go straight to the surgery center lab to get my blood work done. Three tries later, the nurses in the pathology lab finally got my blood drawn. Dang these thin veins of mine. Ryan got me a wheel chair (because I just absolutely couldn’t walk) and pushed me upstairs to surgery center. It wasn’t too long before they took me back for surgery. I was anxious. I’d never had surgery before. But I was also in a lot of pain. So there was a lot of relief mixed in. I was so relieved to know I would be somewhat healed after the surgery. Dr. Cook said most people reported immediate results of some kind. Three tries later and a big bruise, the nurses finally got my IV in. Dang these thin veins! They brought Ryan back to my pre-op room, and then the anesthesiologist came in, and I don’t remember much after that. I do remember him telling me that he was going to give me a pill that would have an amnesia effect. I don’t remember taking that pill though. He also said that I would probably be out of it when I woke up because of the morphine. Ryan says we told each other that we loved each other as they wheeled me away. I don’t remember that either.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the recovery room. I couldn’t open my eyes or talk yet, but I could sense four or five people standing over me. And apparently I was moaning. And then I felt the pain. I heard some confusion, and then I heard a nurse say, “I think she’s groaning because she’s in pain.” I still couldn’t talk yet, so I just shook my head yes. “She’s not responding to the morphine,” the nurse said. Um…those are pretty much the six worst words to hear after you have come out of surgery. I mean, I suppose there are worse words. Like, “we couldn’t fix you” or “there were some complications” or something like that. So I’m thankful it wasn’t that bad at least. But it was pretty bad. One of the nurses started pumping some other kind of medicine straight into my IV. Another nurse told me that they would go get my husband and my mom after they got my pain under control. Ryan’s dad volunteered to sit with him through the surgery, but all of my family was out of pocket. You see, my dad was in a golf-cart accident the day before my surgery, and he broke his shoulder and knee on his right side. So he can’t walk right now. So, my two sisters were taking care of him. And my mom was supposed to be in West Tennessee. So the fact that she came to see me was a very happy surprise! They finally got my pain under control and I was able to get my clothes on (which was nice since I woke up naked—that’s a very uneasy feeling) and go home.

Ryan had play practice, so he got me settled onto the couch in our bonus room (the pillowtop mattress on our bed is way too soft for a bad back) and my loving sisters came to Bellevue to keep an eye on me and have pizza and a movie. And I’ve pretty much been on this couch ever since. I actually find it hard to believe that three and a half weeks have passed already. It’s kind of a blur. I guess the pain and the pain pills will do that to you… And the monotony. When you can’t do anything, you pretty much do the same thing all day, everyday—nothing.

Of course, it wasn’t so monotonous at first. The day after my surgery, it started raining. My mom came over to check on me and make us chicken casserole for dinner. She said the roads were starting to flood, and she wouldn’t be able to go to White Bluff the same way she came here. The next thing we know, we’re seeing cars floating on TV, and we’re trying to get my mom to either leave immediately or promise to stay the night. She had just spent a week out of town for training, so she was determined to get home. Thankfully, after running into a few road closures, she met a nice policeman who told her a way she could get home. It rained all night. I had an allergic reaction to the Demerol that night, so Ryan made an emergency call to the doctor and went to pick up a different prescription for me at 3 a.m. (he’s the best ever).

It continued to rain all day the next day, Sunday. Before long, I started getting texts from friends asking about our neighborhood evacuating. And then we started seeing stuff about it on the news. We hadn’t heard anything. We had no idea if we would even be told that we needed to leave if we really needed to. Was someone going to knock on our door, or were we just supposed to figure it out and leave by ourselves?!?! The later it got, the more the Harpeth flooded and took over our neighborhood. I was on a lot of pain pills, and still very, very sore from my back surgery. It was not a good time for a flooded neighborhood and a possible evacuation. Ryan went out to scout the neighborhood a couple times. It was definitely flooded in half the neighborhood, but River Plantation is a very big subdivision. So even though the front and right side of the neighborhood were flooded (some with water up to the top of their carports and even higher), little area wasn’t flooded at all. And we were fairly certain we could even get out on the roads and make it into town going the back way. After we saw some neighbors leave and come back with a pizza, we figured we would be safe enough staying home…Lord willing and the creek (or river) don’t rise (anymore).

The next day, we were glued to the TV, watching the news coverage of all of the flooding around Nashville. It was very surreal to hear the news anchors keep referring to the major flooding in River Plantation and to see the images of the flooded townhouses and people all around us being rescued by boat. So many mixed feelings of sadness and relief! We finally got in touch with Dr. Cook and found out that his office was open even though they had major flooding the day before, and they wanted to still see me for my first post-op follow-up. We carefully made our way out of the flooded neighborhood (the main road was closed because it was still flooded) and out to Cool Springs. My surgical wound looked good, but my leg, especially my foot was still very weak. The PA seemed to be most concerned about my EHL, which is basically the ligament that controls the big toe from what I’ve put together. It’s kind of hard to walk when you can’t control your big toe. My Pepaw had his big toe shot off by my Memaw (that’s a story for another day), and I’m not really sure how he got around without it! I’ve had another checkup since then, and they took the 17 stitches in my back out. But my EHL was still the same. That was a week ago, and from what I can tell, my EHL is still the same. But I have yet another checkup tomorrow, so we’ll see.

This month Nashville has been recovering, and I’ve been recovering, and I guess it’s just going to take a little bit longer than everyone would like. But we’ll get there. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

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