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Most Forgotten Point

I know I am not perfect. I know sometimes I pretend to be, but I am working on humility. I also think I know what part makes me not perfect. And I think it’s something that a lot of people struggle with.

Sometimes I forget that people love me. Not that the people that love me do a bad job of showing me they love me, because they don’t. But because I get so frustrated or angry or upset that my brain clouds my judgement, and I don’t ever think that maybe the person who I am angry with isn’t saying things to hurt me. They are saying things because they love me.

Sadly though, this cloudiness can lead to people saying some extremely mean and hurtful things. I know some of the things I am most sorry for in life were because I said something when I was in this type of situation.

I think it’s important to remember that people are not evil…some are, but most aren’t. And the ones that make us craziest are probably the ones that love us the most. Maybe we should cut them some slack.


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At my heaviest, I weighed 300 pounds. I never in a million years thought I would be able to run for prolonged periods of time, let alone for 30 minutes straight. But with some great support and some hard work, Savannah and I recently ran our first 5k. We participated in  the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure supporting breast cancer awareness and research. Here is a picture of us from race day.

We also hiked for Safe Haven, a homeless shelter for families, who every year puts on Hike for the Homeless. We mentioned in our blog from last October, that we were participating in  the sixth annual hike. Savannah, her sister Brook, and two of Brook’s boys, Cameron and Ethon, formed Team Trailblazers. For the seventh annual hike, Team Trailblazers almost doubled in size! Also our team was able to raise $200 in just two days! We also hiked Edwin Warner Park for 2.67 miles! We are so fit! 🙂 Here is a picture of the whole team.

And continuing with a move to fitness, we are running the Grace Ministries Turkey Trot on November 24. We are super excited because our good friends John and Anelle will be running with us! Well, they will probably be running ahead of us, but we will be in  the same race.


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The Great International City Swap

My friend Laura emailed me earlier this week about The Great International City Swap. Laura is hosting the event this year, and it sounds like fun!

Basically, you will be paired with another participant from somewhere else (could be someone from the U.S. or someone from another country) and you will “swap some thing(s) that, in your opinion, best represent the place where you live, and what you think makes it unique. It can be anything from handmade to store-bought, mugs to magnets, framed photos to local food items and handicrafts to postcards and local candy…just use your creativity!”

Head over to Laura’s blog (http://justputonalittlelipstick.blogspot.com/2010/09/blog-post.html) to find out all the details, and leave her a blog comment or send her an email (address provided in the blog post) to let her know if you would like to participate. She would like to know by Sunday, October 10.

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Greetings all! It’s been a while since our last update. As you can read from Part 1 and Part 2 of our last blog entry. Savannah had back surgery, and I have had play practice. Well we are finally starting to get our lives back into the swing of things, and the play I am in, “Father of the Bride,” opens this Friday, June 4th! If you would like tickets visit Pull-Tight Theater’s website.

So the play is all about the Banks family making preparations for the daughter’s marriage (her name is Kay) to Buckley Dunstan, a young business man who “makes something or other.” I haven’t done theater in eight years, and it seemed only appropriate to get back into acting by being in a play about a wedding the first year I am married. The play is quite funny and has some very warm moments. And there are definitely some parts that bring up memories from Savannah and my wedding.

When I was thinking about it this morning, the cast includes a cavalcade of characters separate from the family that, despite Stanley Banks’s initial reaction (who as my father would say is wound up tighter than a tick in heat), are there to help. From Miss Bellamy, Mr. Banks’s secretary, to the furniture movers who move every piece of Mr. Banks’s furniture, including his favorite chair, these people are here to make Kay’s wedding a day to remember.

Looking back at our wedding, this is a universal truth about weddings. Weddings are definitely about two people being in love, but it’s also about people coming together and making a normal day into the most special day in two people’s lives. It’s about sharing the love between those two people with all the people that they love.

But why wait for a wedding. I wanted to take this Wedding Wednesday blog to thank all of my loved ones for not only supporting Savannah and I during the wedding, but during Savannah’s first surgery, and my first play in a decade, and LuLu’s bad vet appointment, and checking on us during the flood, etc. Savannah and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. We love you all!

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So far in April:

  • The first weekend of the month included celebrations for our 6-month anniversary (yes, half a year already!), my 26th birthday and Easter. (My birthday just happened to fall on Easter this year.) It was a busy weekend! We did all of this while finally finishing up our fabulous thank you cards, trying to get our house cleaned up, getting Ryan packed for his first business trip of the month and handling some bad news we got from the vet about LuLu. Definitely busy and a little stressful. But we also had some much-needed family time, with our own happy little family and with our extended families.
  • Ryan spent the first full week of the month on an audit in West Virginia. He was gone again this week on a couple audits in Kentucky. LuLu and I are definitely excited to have him home today. (She’s just so nervous when he’s gone that she barks and growls at every little noise, and then I get scared that she’s barking at an intruder and then I have to turn on every light in the house and make sure no one else is in there…but that’s a story for another day.)
  • The second weekend in April meant more celebrations for us. Our friends John and Anelle came up from Tallahassee so we could all celebrate our birthdays together. Anelle’s birthday is the week before mine, and John’s birthday is the week after mine. The last time we saw the Kerskis, we were all in Africa together. So it was definitely time for a reunion! That weekend was also the weekend of my birthday EGGstravaganza, which included Arthur egg rolls and an egg hunt. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate!

  • As Ryan so cleverly stated, last week I became Mrs. Arthur, and he became Mr. Banks. I finally officially changed my name at the social security office. I even received my new fancy schmancy social security card to prove it. (This one even has my middle name on. My first one just had my middle initial, although my mom says she is pretty sure everyone else’s has their full middle name. Is this true? If so, maybe I just now changed my middle name officially from “N.” to “Nicole.”) Ryan auditioned for “Father of the Bride” at Franklin’s Pull-Tight Theatre, and we found out a few days later that he got the part of the father of the bride. He will be Mr. Banks himself! (Stanley Banks in the play, although you may remember him as George Banks from the movie.) We’re so excited about his return to the stage and his debut into community theater!

Hope you have had a great month so far! Can you believe we only have one week of April left? Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Happy Wedding Wednesday! This week we’re going all the way back to 2008 to talk about how we picked out our rings.

When I was in college, half of the girls I lived with got engaged and they had all these wedding magazines everywhere and every time I would look through them, I would see this ring that I thought was so beautiful, which was weird for me because I wasn’t one of those girls who had all the details of their wedding planned out or anything. Like, I always thought I would never really be that picky about that stuff or anything. But every time I saw that ring I just felt like I had to have it, and I would tear out the ad. I even gave it to my ex-boyfriend when we were going to go ring shopping (but we broke up the Wednesday before the weekend when we were supposed to go). So this time around when Ryan and I started talking rings, I saw some other ads and looked at some online, but nothing really appealed to me. And all I could think about was how I really loved that one ring way back then, and I would probably love it now more than anything else I was seeing. The only problem was, I couldn’t find a copy of the ad, and that was like 6 years ago. So I searched my mom’s house looking for it and went through tons of my old college papers…but nothing…

And then I started to worry that I would never find a ring that I really liked and so then I would never be able to get married, because who could live the rest of their life with a ring on their finger that they hated? What kind of statement would that make about the marriage they were in? I just couldn’t live like that. (Yes, I can be a little dramatic.)

So there I was, about to give up hope and I’m talking to God about it and I’m telling him how distraught I am and how much I wish I could just remember the name of the designer who made that ring, and when I got up, it just came to me—Verragio. So I went straight to the computer and Googled it, and within minutes, I had found the exact ring! Here is a link to the specific design on Verragio’s website.

So Ryan found some places in Nashville that carried Verragio and then found a store in Green Hills that has the exact ring—Genesis Diamonds. I went and tried it on the following Saturday, and there were none in the store that I liked nearly as much as that one. It had been calling my name for years! And Ryan agreed that it was the perfect one for me.

One of the things I love the most about this particular setting is that you can see the entire diamond–nothing is hidden.

Ryan later returned to Genesis without me to pick out the diamond that would be made into my very own version of the ring I loved so much. Even though I knew the setting, I didn’t lay eyes on my ring until the day that he surprised me with a proposal.

As for our experience with Genesis, we loved working with them and would definitely recommend them. They never seemed pushy at all, and they gave us (at least in our opinion) a great deal. My ring appraised for twice as much as they charged us. We also bought my wedding band from them, and probably would have bought Ryan’s band from them as well if they offered engraving on Tungsten bands. We’ll talk more about Ryan’s band and our engravings later.

I’ll leave you with this image by the fabulous Serah of Zoey Lee Photography (it’s the closest thing I have to a close up of the ring).

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We have decided that the first Friday of every month will be First Friday. These will be stories of our firsts! First date, first concert, first random break dancing stories. You get the idea. So what better first would there be to start us off than our First Date!

Ryan and I actually were officially dating before we ever officially went on a date. We hung out a lot at our respective houses or with a group of friends, but had not been anywhere special with just the two of us. Most of our weekends were packed with social events, so it was hard to fit in time for just the two of us. One night in late March, we decided that it was about time to officially go on a date. We had to pick a week night since all of our weekends were full, and we didn’t have time to do much, so we decided to just go out for dinner. I let Ryan pick the place, and he chose J. Alexander’s.

A couple of my hometown friends ended up having a baby that day, so I went to visit them with my friend and bridesmaid Livi right after work. (Baby Peyton was such a cutie and is now a big sister to 1 ½ other girls! Time flies!) Ryan picked me up from the hospital, and we went over to the J. Alexander’s on West End. We had a great time at dinner (J. Alexander’s is always a good choice), and I even met one of Ryan’s high school friends who was working there at the time. It was getting pretty late, and we both had to work the next day, so we started to wrap up the evening when I realized—I didn’t have my purse! And my car keys were in my purse, so I couldn’t go anywhere!

Let me take a moment to point out that if you read our Love Story, you will notice some irony here. One of the first times Ryan and I ever hung out, I left my car keys in his car and had to stop by his house later to pick them up. Now, on our first official date, I left my car keys in someone else’s car. It seemed like a common theme in those early days of our relationship.

Livi lives in Nashville, and my car was at her house. So under normal circumstances, Ryan could have just dropped me off at her place, and I could have gotten my purse and car keys and car all at the same place. Unfortunately, Livi was house sitting for her cousin in Fairview that night, so my car keys were in her car in Fairview (which was like a 40 minute drive from Livi’s house). So Ryan had to drive me all the way out to Fairview to get my car keys and then all the way back to Livi’s place in Nashville to get my car. We actually hung out with Livi for a bit before heading back, so it ended up being a much later night than either of us expected. But we had a great time and got some great one-on-one time on the ride out to Fairview and back. In fact, most people complain because dinner and a movie doesn’t seem like the best way to get to know someone (during dinner you have food in your mouth and you don’t talk during a movie). So having dinner and a road trip on our first date was perfect. Besides, I love road trips!

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