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Happy First Friday everyone! It’s definitely fitting on this First Friday to mention Ryan’s first community theater performance. Tonight is the opening night of “Father of the Bride” at Pull Tight Theatre. Although tonight is sold out, there are still several shows with tickets available. Get yours here.

You know, I think one of the things that most attracted Ryan and me to one another (besides our obvious charming personalities and dashing good looks) is  the fact that we both love music and the arts. He was a theater kid who took piano and guitar lessons; I was a choir kid who could create almost anything with a few scraps and some art supplies. This is one of the reasons why we are both so excited about Ryan’s return to the stage this month. It hasn’t been easy with me having back surgery and trying to recover during the time that Ryan had play rehearsal five nights a week, but all of his hard work has paid off. (I know because I got to see a special sneak peak performance earlier this week.) Hope you will make it out to see the show!

In honor of our love for music and the arts, this First Friday is dedicated to our first concert.

As Ryan mentioned in his entry here, we went to the SafetySuit show in Nashville a while back. We love SafetySuit and have been fans since the old days before they were on a record label when they were known as Crew. It’s been almost four years since I first saw them in concert. My friend and bridesmaid Kelly found Crew as a local Nashville artist on MySpace. She had wanted to check out some local acts and after hearing their music online, I told her that we had to go to their next concert. That concert happened to fall on the same week that I started my new job at Gordian Health Solutions (which is now Onlife Health). I was making it through my first week and getting excited about the weekend show when I was introduced to Carmen Brown who worked in the Client Services department. I was surprised that Carmen actually had a Crew poster up on her cubicle wall. “I love them!” I told her. “My friends and I are going to their concert this weekend!” “Seriously?!” she asked. “The lead singer is my husband.” And I knew that it must be fate. 🙂

We went to that first concert at 12th and Porter and loved them even more after seeing them in person. As Ryan mentioned in his blog, they put on such an awesome show. So we started going to all their Nashville shows at 12th and Porter and at On the Rocks. It was at the first On the Rocks show that I went to that I met Arnold, a guy who actually works with me but I hadn’t had a chance to meet at the office. Arnold was Crew’s merchandise manager at the time, and probably one of their biggest promoters. I also convinced a college friend of mine (and later bridesmaid) to come to that show with me that night. Molly was really skeptical and it took me a lot of convincing to get her to come. She kept saying, “I don’t really ever like stuff like that.” And “I’ve heard lots of bands who were trying to make it, and I’m telling you that I never like them.” But I’m pretty sure she fell in love immediately when they started playing. Molly convinced our friend Amanda to meet us up there, and she became a fan too. Soon we had a big group going to all of their concerts. I like to think I’ve contributed to their success. 🙂 It helped that I worked with Carmen, and Arnold and could get all the latest updates firsthand. [As a side note, you should know that all the people I’ve met who are involved with SafetySuit/Crew are some of the nicest people ever. I ♥ them.]

When Ryan and I became friends, some of the first music I introduced him to was Crew and Dave Barnes (another awesome local artist). Like everyone else I introduced them to, Ryan became an instant fan. So I invited him to their next concert. That was so long ago that Ryan and I hadn’t even officially started dating yet. But we stood by each other at the concert, and there were definitely some sparks. I was just still trying to ignore it at that stage. We went to several more Crew concerts after we started dating and have been to a couple more since they were signed to Universal Records and changed their name to SafetySuit. It always brings back fond memories of that first concert together.

Be sure to check out SafetySuit! You will probably love them.


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Here’s an exciting Wedding Wednesday announcement: Ryan and I were the featured wedding in the May edition of Her Nashville! Be sure to grab a copy before while they are still available! Here’s the online version of the article.

Due to our internet being knocked out for a while because of the flood, me being out of commission from my surgery and Ryan having play rehearsal almost every night of the week, we took an unexpected hiatus from the blog world. We missed the first two Wedding Wednesdays of the month, along with our First Friday post for May. So we’ve combined the two in today’s post.

Here’s the story of our first engaged concert and our wedding ring inscriptions:

As mentioned in our engagement story blog, the night we got engaged, we went to a Ray LaMontagne concert. It was perfect. Ray has some great love songs—the kind that make you look at the person sitting next to you and fall in love all over again. (That night, I’m sure that ring on my finger helped with that too. 🙂  The concert was amazing, and thankfully, we had my friend Livi with us to snap shots of our newly engaged selves all around Nashville.

That Ray LaMontagne concert was the first concert we went to after making it official that we would spend the rest of our lives together, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts. To celebrate that, we decided to use Ray LaMontagne lyrics as the inscriptions inside our rings.

Of course, that decision didn’t come easily. It took us weeks to pick out our inscriptions! (If you know me, that probably doesn’t surprise you. I am the most indecisive person ever.)  We were clueless at first, and then I found these sites to get ideas from:




At first, we were debating on some song lyrics and Bible verses, and then we really liked the idea of doing a two-part inscription. Some of the original contenders included these:

1) 1st Band: Camelot exists!

2nd Band: Our forever fairytale!

(Cheesy, right? 🙂 )

2) 1st Band: I have found the one

2nd Band: in whom my soul delights

3) 1st Band: Many waters cannot quench love

2nd Band: Rivers cannot wash love away

4) 1st Band: Let’s keep dreaming…

2nd Band: Under the moon

But none of them were perfect. Until we thought about our engagement night and had the idea to use Ray LaMontagne lyrics.

In case you are wondering, Ryan’s ring says “You are the Best Thing” and my ring says “I Will Hold You 4-Ever.” [The actual song says, I could hold you forever, but that wouldn’t fit. We like the change to “will” though because it’s not just a statement, it’s a promise from him to me.]

In case you would like to use Ray LaMontagne lyrics too, others we considered include “I Will Shelter You,” “Let It Be Me” and “Forever My Friend, Forever My Love” (which could also be broken up into a two-part inscription).

As a side note about our first engaged concert, it haunts me to this day that I did not buy a poster at the concert. I almost bought one online last year, but put it in my shopping cart on the Ray LaMontagne website and never actually purchased it. When I went back, they were completely sold out! If you ever see this poster lying around an old poster shop (do they even have those?), buy it for me and I’ll pay you back!

Isn’t it the cutest? It’s even in our wedding colors. *sigh* Maybe one day…

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We have decided that the first Friday of every month will be First Friday. These will be stories of our firsts! First date, first concert, first random break dancing stories. You get the idea. So what better first would there be to start us off than our First Date!

Ryan and I actually were officially dating before we ever officially went on a date. We hung out a lot at our respective houses or with a group of friends, but had not been anywhere special with just the two of us. Most of our weekends were packed with social events, so it was hard to fit in time for just the two of us. One night in late March, we decided that it was about time to officially go on a date. We had to pick a week night since all of our weekends were full, and we didn’t have time to do much, so we decided to just go out for dinner. I let Ryan pick the place, and he chose J. Alexander’s.

A couple of my hometown friends ended up having a baby that day, so I went to visit them with my friend and bridesmaid Livi right after work. (Baby Peyton was such a cutie and is now a big sister to 1 ½ other girls! Time flies!) Ryan picked me up from the hospital, and we went over to the J. Alexander’s on West End. We had a great time at dinner (J. Alexander’s is always a good choice), and I even met one of Ryan’s high school friends who was working there at the time. It was getting pretty late, and we both had to work the next day, so we started to wrap up the evening when I realized—I didn’t have my purse! And my car keys were in my purse, so I couldn’t go anywhere!

Let me take a moment to point out that if you read our Love Story, you will notice some irony here. One of the first times Ryan and I ever hung out, I left my car keys in his car and had to stop by his house later to pick them up. Now, on our first official date, I left my car keys in someone else’s car. It seemed like a common theme in those early days of our relationship.

Livi lives in Nashville, and my car was at her house. So under normal circumstances, Ryan could have just dropped me off at her place, and I could have gotten my purse and car keys and car all at the same place. Unfortunately, Livi was house sitting for her cousin in Fairview that night, so my car keys were in her car in Fairview (which was like a 40 minute drive from Livi’s house). So Ryan had to drive me all the way out to Fairview to get my car keys and then all the way back to Livi’s place in Nashville to get my car. We actually hung out with Livi for a bit before heading back, so it ended up being a much later night than either of us expected. But we had a great time and got some great one-on-one time on the ride out to Fairview and back. In fact, most people complain because dinner and a movie doesn’t seem like the best way to get to know someone (during dinner you have food in your mouth and you don’t talk during a movie). So having dinner and a road trip on our first date was perfect. Besides, I love road trips!

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