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Happily Ever After (Love Story Part 4)

By now I’m sure you’re dying of anticipation to know how we finally got together after realizing that’s exactly where we needed to be. Was it a romantic candlelit dinner under the Eiffel Tower? Did Ryan and Savannah enjoy a beautiful summer vacation together, only to end it because she was from Australia, and he was from the U.S., and then they coincidentally find out at a Pep Rally, Savannah and her family decided to move to the states, and it turns out Ryan didn’t have as nice a reputation at home as he let on at the beautiful beach in Australia? Summer Lovin’, happened so fast…sorry. Okay, our story comes to a conclusion, all because, and this is some sageful advice here, they both listened to their mommas.

Happily Ever After (Love Story Part 4)

Savannah is a very stubborn girl and had decided to stay single for a while. Luckily for Ryan, he is one of the few people who can break through Savannah’s stubborn shell.

One night as Ryan and Savannah were lying around talking about things, the anticipation that had been mounting over the course of their friendship was too much for them…and there they were, lying with their faces so close to one another that they could feel the warm breath of the other on their skin, and with their hearts pounding, both knowing what they really wanted, trying to keep their breath steady…

They shared their first kiss.

And they have been together ever since. They never did have the official boyfriend/girlfriend talk. They just knew. Ryan finally found his crazy partner in crime, and Savannah finally found her sensitive soul mate.

Ryan later told Savannah that after the gang had hung out one night with his parents there, his mom told him that she wondered why he didn’t date someone “more like Savannah.” So, really, he was just following his mom’s advice. Savannah’s own mom had reassured her during this time that sometimes a person just has to take a chance on love and have faith that God will work everything out. Looks like, especially in the story of Ryan and Savannah, mother does know best.


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So this may be copyright infringement, but probably not since it’s a parody and in writing, but insert a montage of Savannah and me hanging out and having fun at various places. Friends just having great adventures and plenty of laughs. Meanwhile Lumiere and Cogsworth are singing a song with Mrs. Potts about things being there that weren’t there before. Okay, so this is a bad rip off Beauty and The Beasts scene where Belle and the Beast begin to feel like they are starting to fall in love with each other. That’s what this next part is about. The discovery that another person cares about you just as much as you care about them is an amazing feeling.

Something There That Wasn’t There Before (Love Story Part 3)

One night, the group was hanging out around town and then ended up going back to Kristen’s apartment to end the night. Savannah rode with Ryan. While watching a movie (“Nacho Libre”) at Kristen’s, Savannah ended up falling asleep with her head on Ryan’s shoulder. When Savannah woke up the next morning, she realized that Ryan had left the night before with her car keys still in his car! She called and called, but no answer. Finally he called back and said he was helping his sister move on the other side of town. So, Savannah called her friend Kelly to come rescue her, and they broke in to Savannah’s car which luckily had an extra key in it.

The following Monday night, Savannah stopped by Ryan’s house to get her keys. His parents were in bed, and he was doing homework for his MBA program. Ryan met Savannah at the door with her keys, but Savannah asked him if he was going to invite her in. When Savannah mentioned that she was craving hot chocolate, Ryan offered to make her some and caught a pizza pan on fire in the process. After quickly putting out the fire and realizing that he wouldn’t be able to focus on his homework after all the excitement, Ryan asked Savannah if she wanted to watch a movie. So, the pair cuddled up together to watch “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” and although most people could have easily seen that the best friends had already fallen for each other, their eyes weren’t quite open to the fact yet. Savannah was so conflicted because she really felt like she was falling for Ryan—he is so sweet and smart and funny and cute—but she didn’t want to lose another best friend. So she spent most of the time trying to send the “we’re just friends” vibe. Ryan knew he had already fallen for Savannah. But after spending a lot of time in the “friend zone” with girls over the years, he really didn’t have high hopes that Savannah would ever fall for him. He figured she would stick around until she found someone and then he would never hear from her.

Ryan and Savannah spent several more weeks as “just best friends.” Savannah had even tried to get a friend of hers to like Ryan at one point and Ryan dated another mutual friend of theirs for a couple weeks in the meantime. But ultimately, they could no longer deny the affection they had both grown for one another.

“Let me spell this out for you,” Savannah’s friend Kelly told her on one occasion, “You love him.”

And she was right.

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Savannah and I originally wanted to post our Love Story on December 20 leaving the final part to be posted on December 23, the Anniversary of When We Met. But, as you will see from previous posts, our lives our very busy, especially when it comes to the holidays.

We were debating on just posting all of them today, but I convinced Savannah otherwise. Hopefully when you read this blog, it helps you. We hope the love that we share for each other will come through, and you will learn the same lessons that we learn from all the events in our lives: lessons about patience, about finding things when you least expect it, about paying attention to God’s plan, about the importance of friendship, about how life is amazing and true love exists. So in order to fully take in all that we have to share with each other, we are going to continue to tease you and post one part per day, even though we are almost a month late. But those of you who know us well know that we never do anything on time. 🙂

 How Best Friends are Made (Love Story Part 2)

So New Year’s Eve, Ryan’s party was the fourth out of five parties that Savannah was supposed to attend that evening, which should have been a sign to Savannah since four is her favorite number, but she didn’t think anything about it. Savannah stopped by the first two places (her preacher’s house and her co-worker Amy Thomas’s) and then rolled the New Year in at party number three with her Lipscomb girls. After counting down the seconds and singing Auld Lang Syne, she promptly headed to the Arthurs’ where co-workers Kristen and Sam and the rest of the gang had been hanging out for several hours. Savannah spent a lot of time chatting with Ryan’s best friend Steve that night, but what she remembers the most is Ryan making her laugh the whole time with his quirky sense of humor and his mad dancing skills and his carefree attitude. Savannah never did make it to the fifth party that night at Adam Griffin’s place. And although her childhood friends like to still pick on her about “making so many appearances” places and yet not making an appearance at their party, she likes to think it was the way things were supposed to happen. The next morning, Savannah and Sam quietly left the Arthurs’ house while most of the other partygoers were still sleeping. Savannah went for a run, and then got on the computer and sent Ryan a MySpace message asking if he would be her new best friend because he made her laugh so much and she knew she needed someone like him in her life. Ryan accepted her BFF invite and started inviting Savannah to hang out with the group more often. Sometimes Ryan would ask Savannah to come over and hang out with just him sometimes, but after a couple of bad relationships, she was just interested in being friends at that point. Plus, she really appreciated Ryan’s friendship and was afraid to mess that up with a relationship.

*Stay tuned for parts three and four. 🙂

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Happy snow day to those of you in our area! First snow of the year and first significant snow of the season. Despite the fact that we didn’t get very much and it didn’t really start accumulating until around lunchtime, the schools were closed in our area, and my office actually decided to close due to the expected weather. I think this is a first since I’ve been with the company! I’m still kind of in shock about it. I spent the day cuddling with LuLu while watching the first season of Gossip Girl (yes, I’m still a teenage girl on the inside) and making a batch of white chicken chili to eat when Ryan got home from work. I thoroughly enjoyed myself today and think I may need to become a teacher so I can get more of these snow days.

We didn’t blog on Sunday, and I didn’t mention it in my post earlier this week, so in case you didn’t know—Sunday was our three-month anniversary!!! It might seem kind of small in the grand scheme of things since we are stuck with each other FOREVER (although happily stuck with each other I should add J), we like to celebrate all of our milestones. And other people’s milestones. And anything we can conjure up to celebrate. We really like celebrations. We also like themes. So Sunday became “Ch” Day for us. The day consisted of church, Chuy’s, Christmas shopping, Chinese, chess, checkers, Chocolat (the movie), chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk. We thought of so many more “ch” words after the event, so we may make this an annual event! We also got to open our three-month anniversary present from my mom. I mentioned my mom’s anniversary presents briefly in this blog, but I didn’t give any details. Well, I’m still saving that for a later blog. For now, here is part one of a four-part series that tells our love story.

The Night We Met (Love Story part 1)

Ryan Arthur and Savannah Blanks met December 2006 on the eve of Christmas Eve. A co-worker invited Savannah to meet her and a bunch of her old high school friends at Findley’s Irish Pub in the Opryland Hotel, and not wanting to turn down yet another invitation from her co-worker Kristen, Savannah agreed to meet up with the group…little did she know she would be laying eyes on her soul mate for the first time that night.

Savannah and another co-worker, Sam, were the last to arrive at Findley’s that night. The gang made room for them next to Kristen and a brief round of introductions were made. Ryan was on the opposite end of the table from Savannah and on the same side, so they couldn’t even see each other and they didn’t conversate at all throughout their time at the pub. When the pub closed, the gang relocated to a little honkey-tonk bar in the hotel, and Ryan finally introduced himself to Savannah. Ryan’s godsister Lindsay was there that night, and she kept telling Savannah and Sam about Ryan and how great of a guy Ryan was. But Ryan was busy entertaining other friends most of the night. “I thought it was funny that she was basically trying to convince us to go for him even though we had just met him, and he wasn’t really even talking to us.

When the gang was leaving, some of the guys kept trying to get Savannah and Sam to meet up at Ryan’s house for an after party. Always wanting to play it cool and knowing the secret of playing hard to get, Savannah declined the invitation. Besides that, it was a Saturday night before Christmas Eve, and Savannah wanted to make sure to be at the Christmas Eve church service the next morning. So Savannah opted not to hang out with them that night, but agreed to make an appearance at their New Year’s Eve bash at Ryan’s house.

*Stay tuned for parts two, three and four. 🙂

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