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Well, once again we’ve started slacking on our blog. It seems like it’s almost inevitable with our busy lives. Even if that busyness is really just catching up on some of our favorite shows… 🙂

The past week and a half or so featured several wedding-related surprises. Yes, we are still talking about the wedding because it was such a huge part of the last year and a half of our lives…but also because it keeps popping up everywhere! Here are last week’s wedding-related highlights:

  1. We won 2Duce2’s 2009 Wedding Teaser of the Year! (See their announcement blog here.) Aren’t you so excited for us? We’ll have to put the trophy up next to our trophy for Ashley’s Bride Guide’s best wedding of 2009 shout out. 🙂 Ok, so there really aren’t any trophies for those accolades, but we did win a $25 Fandango gift card from 2Duce2. And really, the best prize is knowing that all of our hard work over the year and a half we spent planning really paid off—we accomplished our dream wedding, one that truly reflected our style and personality and love we have for one another. What could be better than that? Although I think I may make my own trophies just for fun…
  2. Speaking of Ashley’s Bride Guide, she mentioned our wedding again here in her shout out to Jonathon Campbell Photography.
  3. In case you don’t know, the lovely Michelle Hartz of Hartz Photography was our photographer’s 2nd shooter for the wedding. This means she helped him capture some great shots throughout the day and then gave him the images to include with all of our photography. Well, her and her husband (who make up the Hartz Photography team) featured some of Michelle’s shots of our wedding on their blog last week. So check out some more of our wedding pics here. We love them! Michelle did a great job, and we’re so glad she was there to help Jonathon capture some awesome images on our special day.
  4. Speaking of our photographers, Jonathon Campbell featured a couple of our pictures as some of their favorites from 2009.
  5. We finally received our congratulatory note for our wedding and new marriage from the Obamas!!! This one is definitely one to be framed. It doesn’t really matter what your political affiliation is…how cool is it to have a note from the President and First Lady? And it even has the White House seal on it. Love it! So glad I invited them to the wedding. Too bad they couldn’t make it.
  6. In addition to all of the fun related to our wedding, we also received two Save the Dates for June weddings. My college friends Lora and Julie will be getting married this summer. Julie and GW will be married on July 3 here in Tennessee, and Lora and Jim are getting married on July 10 in Florida.
  7. Finally, to end our list of wedding-related events of the past week and a half or so, we finally uploaded pictures from John and Anelle’s amazing Swaziland wedding in December. We’re still working on uploading the rest of our pics from our awesome African adventure, but thought the newlyweds would appreciate it if we went ahead and shared these.

As you can see, we’ve had a lot of wedding excitement lately. We’ve also been drawn to the horrible events in Haiti. We’ve spent a lot of time following the stories of those who have been affected by the situation, and have been especially drawn to the story of the two girls from Pittsburgh who were in charge of an orphanage called BRESMA. You can check out our last blog for the back story, but the good news is, those girls and 54 of the orphans from the 150-child orphanage are now in Pittsburgh! The other 90 children are being cared for by Dutch and French aid workers until they can get them to those countries. Amidst all of the chaos and devastation and pain, God is at work in Haiti and there are true heroes emerging during this situation. You can read more about the rescue mission here.

Now to tie these two topics of weddings and Haiti together, I have this story for you: a couple has given a quarter of their wedding budget to help Haiti. How awesome is that? Here’s the video.


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