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I’m a pack rat. And I don’t use that term loosely. I have been known to keep piles of things that other people would have no problem throwing away. (For example, my family had to convince me to throw away my collection of 50 empty 35mm film canisters. It was so difficult for me to do that…I mean, you just never know when you’re going to need a tiny container like that, right? 🙂 )

One of the main reasons I’m a pack rat (besides a traumatic childhood experience that I’ll save for another day) is that I love the feeling I get when I happen upon something from my past that I had completely forgotten about. Whether it’s a drawing from elementary school or old junior high letters (yes, I do still have those) or an email from a few years ago.  I realize the dangers of dwelling in the past, and I don’t think that’s a problem for me. I’m very much about living in the present. But that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to take a trip down memory lane every once in a while.

Today I happened upon this little gem in an email I wrote to my younger sister Phallen in March 2007:

I really like that Ryan kid I’ve been hanging out with. It’s the strangest thing…how do I fall for these guys that I meet? I mean, I kept asking myself that about the last kid, but Ryan…he’s way different than the last kid…I mean, he’s actually a nice guy. Like a real, genuinely nice guy, and I do think he’s falling in love with me…not surprising as it is so easy to do (haha, j/k), but a little frightening as we have only been seeing each other in a maybe we could be more than BFF way for a week…I guess when you’ve got it, you’ve got it, huh? 

I went on to talk about how I didn’t know if it could ever work out because he didn’t go to church and we had different beliefs.

I obviously had no idea what God had planned for me and that Ryan kid.

Here we our with our friend Livi in March 2007.

(And just as a disclaimer, that last sentence of that email was a joke. Although I do think I have it. And I have been known to have extremely high self-esteem from time to time.)


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