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Well, it’s me again. Ryan has been a little MIA in the blog department lately, but I’m sure he’ll post something soon. We have a pretty busy schedule ahead of us for the next few days and over the weekend, and then he’ll be on a business trip to Louisiana. So maybe after that…

We had a fantastic Halloween weekend and hope you all did too! Friday night we went to see one of our favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, play at the Louisville Palace in Louisville, KY. I’m really not sure what they call their music, but I often refer to it as punk bluegrass. Although they were in Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium the next night, we decided that we didn’t want to be at a concert on Halloween. Not wanting to forfeit seeing them, we decided on a road trip to Louisville. This was our first experience at the Louisville Palace, and we really enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful venue, and they are super relaxed with the atmosphere—people were rushing the aisles to get closer and dancing everywhere and taking pictures the entire time, and security wasn’t trying to prevent any of it like they sometimes do at certain Nashville venues. The Avett Brothers put on an amazing, energy-filled show as usual (we’ve seen them a couple times before). Take a second and check out the Avett Brothers. Also check out the Louisville Palace.

On Halloween, Ryan and I decorated the townhouse, made a few snacks and entertained some of our family and friends. It was a great time complete with a costume contests (so many cute contests), a candy corn buffet (over 10 flavors!) and trick or treat piñata style. Ryan and I were honeymooners this year. (What could be better since we were still in our first month of marriage and in between our honeymoons?) We wore bee costumes, carried honey pots and had plastic butts tied around our waists. We definitely got a lot of laughs. Here’s a picture:

Honey Mooners

We didn’t feel right judging the Halloween contest ourselves, so we had 6 people who weren’t in attendance do the judging. The winner of the contest was…drum roll please…

Demon Phallen

My little sister Phallen as a demon. My older sister Brook actually made Phallen’s skirt, so I’m sure she’ll want to bask in the glory of Phallen’s win as well. Everyone had great costumes, and we’re so glad we got to see some of our favorite people that night. The most popular costume choice this year was definitely a bee. Although Ryan and I were officially “honeymooners,” the base of our costume was a bee outfit. We also dressed our puppy LuLu as a bee. Then, lo and behold, our niece Penelopi shows up as an adorable bee, along with her Aunt Brook who showed up as a queen bee. We were a cute little family of bees.

Bee Family

Following the fun Halloween weekend, we’ve had a great week with the celebration of our one-month anniversary. Can you believe it has been one month already?!?! We used one of the Cheesecake Factory gift cards we got as a wedding present and treated ourselves to a night out in honor of the celebration. We also got to open our one-month anniversary present from my mom. We’ll talk more about that in our next blog.


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