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We finally got our wedding website up!!! Yay!!! We’ve been busy bees trying to pull everything together lately. One thing that we decided when we originally started this blog was that we would keep all of our wedding updates separate from this blog and post them on our wedding website blog. We are going to archive the wedding website when it’s all over with, so it’ll be great to have all the wedding-related posts there.

With all that said, I just posted a new blog titled “Cake and Save the Date,” so take a minute to check it out if you get a chance: http://www.savannahandryan.weddingwindow.com (and then go to the “blog” tab).  Enjoy!


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A Week in Review

Greetings, Camelotians…Camelotans…Camels? Anyway, Hello! So since I am wrapping things up at Emdeon, I have a little time here and there to write some things for the blog, so I thought I would provide you all with a mini-update.

Like I side, I am finishing things up at Emdeon. And in an effort to get my head in the game for the next chapter in my life, Savannah and I are trying to build some momentum for wedding planning and have started full-fledged exercising again…finally.

Now that the weather is nice, we have started going on daily walks with LuLu. It has become a favorite past time for her. As soon as we head to the door, her tail starts wagging, and she tries to jump up into my arms to get the leash on her ASAP. But she is very funny, because it has been rainy the past couple of days. You’d think she could smell the rain from inside, but as soon as we get outside, she realizes it’s wet, and the excitement leaves her. I am beginning to wonder if she is getting excited because she thinks she is going on a car ride and not a walk. I know she is definitely not a fan of the walking in the rain part. As soon as we got closer to the house, and she realized we are almost done, she went on a dead sprint towards the house. Savannah had to jog just to keep up with her.

And speaking of legs, my shins are hurting. It doesn’t matter what physical activity I do, I always seem to get shin splints. Even on walks. And I stretch, too. Must be marching band injury.

Wedding planning is going well. We are starting to pick up steam. So far we have a date, a time, a place, a photographer and a videographer. So if nothing else we have a place an event and somebody to document it. Tomorrow we are going out and about to pick out tuxes for me and the groomsmen, looking at wedding bands and possibly some other stuff as well.

Hopefully we will be able to continue both wedding planning momentum and blog updating momentum with the new job at LifePoint.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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